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Sale Sold out. Moon 860A Please Call/Email to order - Item Not Available for Online Purchase 405-795-3462info@referenceanalog.comDesign features Our “no overall feedback” amplifier circuit design which results in the following: real-time amplification; more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality; non-existent transient intermodulation distortion; the elimination of common phase errors … ₪19,890 לפרטים; מגבר הספק סטריאו – פאוור MOON Evolution 760A ₪ 32,900 לפרטים ספק חשמל MOON Evolution 820S ₪ 32,900 לפרטים זוג מגברי הספק – מונו בלוקים MOON 400M Moon by Simaudio 760A Moon by Simaudio 400M Moon by Simaudio 330A Moon by Simaudio ACE Moon by Simaudio 740p Moon by Simaudio 110LP v2 Moon by Simaudio MiND 2 Moon by Simaudio 780D v2 Moon by Simaudio 860A v2 Moon by Simaudio 600i V2B Moon by Simaudio 700i v2 Moon by Out of its packaging, the Moon Evolution 760A ($8000 USD) is a visual playground embodying much of the original Evolution aesthetic, with some subtle differences. Take, for example, its stature: the 760A stands just 4” tall, stretches 18.8” wide, and displaces 18.1” of depth -- it will easily fit on most cabinet shelves or amp stands. The Moon 400M is a 400W monoblock amplifier that sells for $3250 USD, or $6500 for the pair you’ll need to listen in stereo. That’s still not inexpensive, but it’s a lot less than what Evolution prices are these days (the entry-level Moon Evolution amp, the W-7, now costs $9500). Blues A-Plenty, which has a relaxed and swinging mood, and the 760A swings right along. The 760A enjoys a virtually non existent noise floor, and this means amazingly long reverb decays, superb detail retrieval, and a wonderfully transparent and open midrange.

Moon 400m vs 760a

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The 760A enjoys a virtually non existent noise floor, and this means amazingly long reverb decays, superb detail retrieval, and a wonderfully transparent and open midrange. It also takes total control of MOON 760A. Balanserat slutsteg i Evolution-serien. 89 990 kr. Läs mer MOON Neo 400M. Kraftfullt monoblock i toppklass. 44 990 kr.


Delivering a bottom-end slam, with authority and weight to the foundation of the music, it will transport you into a live concert environment. On the top end of the musical spectrum, the 400M delivers finesse, detail and refinement that can challenge your perception of reality vs. recorded music.

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Moon 400m vs 760a

Vocals and cymbals float. The MOON 330A Power Amplifier represents not only an amazing value, but also amazing sound, period. It delivers a tight, extended and superbly authorative bass with power, weight and articulation. Vocals and cymbals float in a musical space filled with the air and natural ambience of a musical performance. I spent time with the Canadian company’s less expensive Moon Neo 340i and found it to be excellent, so I have little doubt that the 600i is a top-flight integrated.

Läs mer » 44 990 kr. MOON Neo 400M.
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powerful. Extremely powerful, yet with a delicacy and articulation of the best amplifiers out there, the 400M Power Amplifier can take on virtually any loudspeaker you connect it to.

Läs mer ». MOON. 760A. Balanserat slutsteg i Evolution-serien.
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